4 in 1 PS2/USB Keyboard-Video-Mouse Cable for KVM-440 (5 Metres)

Superior Performance
The D-Link 5 metre PS2/USB KVM cable (KVM-403) connects a PS/2 or USB computer to the D-Link KVM-440 KVM switch. This premium cable is designed to ensure optimum signal quality and integrity between the PCs and the switch. The KVM-403 cables are special shielded with ferrite cores to reduce electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
Save Space and Easy to Install
The KVM-403 features color-coded connectors for easy installation. This cable consists of PS/2 Keyboard and mouse cables, a USB keyboard/mouse cable, and a monitor cable which are bonded into a single device. The all-in-one cable design prevents tangles and minimizes desktop clutter.

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